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Fiber Glass Work

Fiber Glass Car Porch

Fiberglass fabrication services include all types of services (e.g., design, repair and replacement) dealing with the use of fiberglass or fiberglass composites. A mineral fiber, fiberglass is used in many applications in both the industrial and commercial sectors. There are many variations of fiberglass with properties suitable for different functions. Examples include continuous fibers for electrical insulation, insulating wool for thermal and acoustic applications, and special-purpose products made of heat-resistant or lightweight materials.

Fiber Glass Window Shed

Fiberglass is a reinforced polymer consisting of small glass fibers in a resin matrix. Fiber reinforcement significantly increases a resin’s tensile strength. A relatively high strength-to-weight ratio is the primary advantage of using fiberglass to construct parts. Other advantages include the simplicity of making complex and custom shapes and the ability to tailor products layer by layer.